In this privacy policy the following terms, stated in singular and plural, are used in the following meaning, insofar as the nature or scope of this privacy policy does not state otherwise.

1. Application: the platform and mobile application of Appaview B.V. where this privacy policy can be viewed, including all the functionalities and facilities that form part of that application.

2. Personal data: any data concerning an identified or identifiable individual.

3. Processing personal data: any act or series of acts with regard to personal data, which will in any case include the collecting, documenting, cataloguing, keeping, processing, changing, requesting, viewing, using, making available by way of forwarding, distributing or any other way of making available, bringing together, linking, as well as shielding, erasing or destroying data.


Appaview B.V. respects the privacy of the users and greatly values the careful processing of personal data. Appaview B.V. guarantees that it will treat the personal data it receives pursuant to that described in this privacy policy and with due observance of that stated in the Data Protection Act.

This privacy policy does not apply to websites and applications of third parties referred to on the application. After all, these websites and applications are not operated under the responsibility of Appaview B.V. Appaview B.V. is not responsible for services of third parties offering a link to the application of Appaview B.V. or vice versa. When using websites, applications or services provided by third parties, the policy rules of the relevant third parties apply. The use of applications and services of third parties are fully at the own risk of the user.

The personal data is processed by Appaview B.V. primarily insofar necessary for the performance of agreements concluded by Appaview B.V. and the user, such as with regard to the registration of the user on the application and the use of the functionalities of the application itself. As such personal data can also be shared with third parties, such as payment and hosting providers. The main functionalities of the application concern the uploading and publishing of the so-called Appaviews. As a result, other users can search and view this content, but also save it and use it for other purposes over which Appaview B.V. has no control.

In principle, Appaviews of the user become visible to all users of the application, notwithstanding the possibility of sending an Appaview specifically to a certain user. The profile of the user is shielded from other users.

An Appaview is scanned by way of the application after it has been published by the user, after which it is removed from the servers that Appaview B.V. uses, in the understanding that an Appaview is also saved as favourite on the device of the user. Appaview B.V. does not control how long users save Appaviews on their device.

Appaviews of the user become public to other users of the application pursuant to any applicable privacy settings of the user as stated in his account.

Users can save Appaviews as a favourite without being required to get permission. In doing so, the user creates a list by which he can easily find the favourite Appaviews.

In addition to the specifically described forms of data processing, Appaview B.V. can use the personal data received from users to:

- memorise personal data, in order to avoid the user having to enter them each time, e.g. for a next visit;

- distribute among multiple devices of the user;

- collect anonymous usage data, in order to improve product and services of companies to the user by way of the application;

- diagnose or solve technical problems;

- show products and services of companies to the user by way of the application. The user can indicate his preferences with regard to the application.

Appaview B.V. will not sell personal data to third parties and will only make them available to third parties insofar necessary for the performance of agreements as stated above. Appaview B.V. can share personal data with companies that legally form or will form part of the same group as Appaview B.V.

The user can change his account on the application at any time by changing his settings. The user can unsubscribe from any commercial email messages of Appaview B.V. for which he explicitly subscribed earlier. The user cannot unsubscribe from emails that directly relate to the use of the application, e.g. with regard to account verification, payment confirmations and invoices, changes and new functions of the application, security information and technical notifications.

Personal data is only processed by Appaview B.V. insofar as it is suitable, pertinent and not excessive in light of the purposes for which they are processed. Appaview B.V. will take the necessary measures to ensure that the personal data is correct and precise in light of the purposes for which it is collected and processed. Personal data is not processed further by Appaview B.V. in a manner that is in conflict with the purposes for which it was obtained.

Upon assessing whether a processing is in conflict within the meaning of the previous paragraph, Appaview B.V. will in any event take into account:

- the relation between the purpose of the intended processing and the purpose for which the data was obtained;

- the nature of the relevant personal data;

- the consequences of the intended processing for the user;

- the manner in which the personal data was obtained; and

- the measure in which suitable guarantees are provided in respect of the user.


Personal data is only processed by Appaview B.V. in one or more of the following events, notwithstanding the (other) legal grounds and above mentioned basis for legal data processing. If:

- the user has provided his unambiguous permission for the processing; If the user is a minor and is younger than sixteen years old or is under guardianship, or is subject to a mentorship, then the permission of his legal representative is required instead of the permission of the user.

- the data processing is necessary in order to comply with a legal requirement to which Appaview B.V. is subject;

- the data processing is necessary to indemnify a vital interest of the user; or

- the data processing is necessary to look after the justified interest of Appaview B.V. or of a third party to which the personal data is made available, unless the interests or the fundamental rights and freedom of the user, and in particular the right to the protection of privacy, prevails.


Appaview B.V. will not hold personal data in a form that enables the identification of the user for longer than necessary for the realisation of the purposes for which it is processed. Appaview B.V. will take suitable technical and organisational measures to safeguard personal data against loss or any form of unlawful processing. These measures will guarantee a suitable level of safety, thereby taking into consideration the current technology available and the costs of realisation in respect of the risks involved with the processing and the nature of the data that is to be protected.

The user is responsible to keep his login details and his account details confidential at all times, and for checking the access to the email communications between the user and Appaview B.V. Appaview B.V. is not responsible for the functionality, privacy or security measures of other organisations.

Personal data processed via the application is saved and processed in the Netherlands or in any other country where Appaview B.V., its affiliated companies and its service providers reside. They can transfer personal details from the country or the legal district where the user resides to any other countries or legal districts in the world. If the user is located in various regions, various legal privacy rules may apply and it is possible that Appaview B.V. can transfer personal data to countries or legal districts where possibly less strict data protection legislation applies. By using the application, the user agrees that the possible transfer of personal data takes place to other countries where Appaview B.V., its affiliated companies or its services provides reside. The user also agrees that these details are used and made public in accordance with this privacy policy.


Users can view, change or remove the personal details via the user settings on the applications. Users can contact Appaview B.V. if they wish to access their personal data, unless Appaview B.V. is not required by Data Protection Act to provide the users this access. Appaview B.V. can charge a fee for providing this access.


If Appaview B.V. fully or partially sells its business operations or transfers them to third parties in any other way, for example as part of a merger, takeover, bankruptcy, dissolution or liquidation, then the personal data, other content of the user and any other data collected via the app can form part of the data sold or transferred. In those cases, the user remains the legal owner of his content. The purchaser or acquirer must comply with the rules stated in this privacy policy.


Appaview B.V. can always change or add to this privacy policy. Appaview B.V. therefore recommends the users to regularly check this privacy policy. In the event of changes to this privacy policy, the user implicitly agrees to them if he continues to use the application.


If a user of the application dies, the bereaved are requested to contact Appaview B.V. Appaview B.V. will generally communicate with the bereaved by email.


The user can contact Appaview B.V. if he has any further questions regarding this privacy policy. Appaview B.V. is pleased to help the user if he has any questions about the personal data of the user processed by Appaview B.V. or wishes to have the personal data he has provided changed or removed.

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